Workface Planning

From planners and schedulers to on-site supervisors and administrators, our team brings a coordinated approach to project execution while mitigating risk and helping to prevent loss of schedule. Working with clients and studying planning successes in the oil and gas sector, TRON made a commitment in 2013 to improving project development in Saskatchewan’s mining sector – a commitment that is now rewarding our clients.



Improved planning. Greater efficiency. Better results.

TRON is the first company in Saskatchewan’s mining industry to employ a customized workface planning program to enhance project execution – a reflection of our commitment to innovative and efficient business practices. Through a more advanced system of planning, we help our clients build better projects and manage the challenges of upgrades to existing facilities.

What is workface planning?

Workface planning is a project management system that has proven successful in improving costs and efficiency on oil and gas megaprojects. By identifying potential constraints well ahead of construction, workface planning coordinates multi-faceted project teams to reduce delays and unexpected costs.




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