Since its inception, Des Nedhe Development has invested in established companies that are leaders in Saskatchewan’s mining and construction industry and expanded its portfolio into the areas of retail and real estate development and management. The company takes pride in its strong focus on growth through investment, experienced management team and history of delivering solid financial results.



Indigenous Partners



Des Nedhe is the founding member of Ni’Akinde; as a consortium, as a network of nations and as Canadians, we see a future for First Nations, Inuit and Métis that includes new opportunities to generate greater financial independence. Ní’akindè is a legal entity and partnership framework that currently includes business entities representing a broad footprint across Canada – from the Missisaugas in Ontario to the Tlicho in the north and English River First Nation in the west. We have ongoing discussions with additional Nations that can stretch our consortium from coast to coast to coast.



Makwa Development Corporation

Tron has joined forces with Makwa Development Corp., which is owned by Nawash residents Scott Lee and Shane Chegahno bringing extensive experience working in Canada’s nuclear sector. Tron and Makwa recently signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) to create a fully First Nation-owned venture, with experience in the nuclear sector and a goal of maximizing employment of local Indigenous people.



George Gordon Developments 

Des Nedhe and Tron have partnered with George Gordon Developments; which is owned by George Gordon First Nation, one of the largest bands by volume and home to a rich resource base in their traditional territory in Southern Saskatchewan. A unique partnership between North and South in Saskatchewan setting precedence creating wide spread opportunity.



DND and Tron have collaborated with the Mississauga’s of the New Credit whose traditional territory surrounds the GTA. MNFCN and Des Nedhe look to build on this relationship through local and nationwide initiatives



Business Parnters


Iron Trail Industrial - PMP Tron JV

Tron and Prairie Machine have signed a joint venture agreement to provide innovative solutions to the local economy. The joint venture combines 40 years of mining OEM solutions with over 25 years of industrial construction and mining experience. The joint venture will collaborative to leverage the respective strengths of each of the organization to safely provide the highest quality and best value services and products to our client. We aim to effectively: Lead responsible and sustainable opportunities for local communities. Define new areas for development among the local content. Support or enhance our clients Indigenous outreach goals. Our mission is to be safety conscience, quality driven, efficient through our collaboration and inclusive by way of our opportunities.




Mudjatik Thyssen Mining (MTM) is a joint venture between Thyssen Mining and Mudjatik Enterprises. Mudjatik Enterprises is a joint venture among various First Nations and Métis communities. MTM is the underground mine construction, development and production mining contractor of choice for northern Saskatchewan. MTM’s mission is to provide northern Saskatchewan’s residents and communities the opportunity to responsibly participate in and benefit from the Saskatchewan uranium mining industry, through career and business



Canadian UAV – Tron

A unique partnership bringing technology expertise to a established construction firm. Partnership between Canadian UAV and Tron was formed on the premise of creating opportunity for new generation Indigenous peoples. Your Industrial Assets Are Critically Important. We provide low-cost surveillance, monitoring, training and reporting for commodity-based operations, utilities and real estate through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).



Allied Tron JV

Diversifying services into rail care operations and include on-line rail and tie pick-up, disposal programs and various other services in the maintenance-of-way field. Tron Allied JV brings an inclusive background to an existing network of rail infrastructure to ensure local and sustainable content.